Information about the "Jazzy Blef" band

Zagreb band "Jazzy Blef" has recorded its specific music expression, which is very close to /composer-singer/ jazz chanson, in the studio on three published CDs.

„Commercialism“ is the third album of the Jazzy Blef band published for Dancing Bear 5.12.2008. The cooperation on the album was performed by:
Nenad Jura Vrandečić (acustic bass)
Matija Dedić (keyboards)
Saša Nestorović (tenor sax & sopran sax)
Mario Igrec (el. guitar)
Hrvoje Rupčić (percussion)
Dragutin Smokrović – Smokva (background vocal)

Together with the permanent members of the band: Darko Frančić /score-writer, lyricist, composer, singer and guitarist/ and Milan Bojanić /drum player and score-writer/ other eminent Croatian jazz-musicians also played.

On the CD "Pastel" piano-player Matija Dedić and Mladen Baraković /acoustic bass/ were performing as well. On the album "Lik" also played Bojanić and Nenad Jura Vrandečić /acoustic bass, el. bas guitar/, Saša Nestorović /tenor sax, sopran sax/, Matija Dedić /keyboards/, Mario Igrec /el. guitar/, Hrvoje Rupčić /percussion/ and Frančić.

The guest on the same album was Slovenian pop star Vlado Kreslin in songs "Nekega jutra, ko se zdani" /J. Hübscher - V. Kreslin/ and "Namesto koga ruža cveti" /V.Kreslin/, in interpretation of Frančić and Bojanić.

Very successful studio cooperation was continued between Vlado Kreslin and "Jazzy Blef" in common performances in Croatian musicians club SAX in Zagreb /9.2.2005. and 1.2.2006./.

The band pays special attention to performances in clubs and it is esteemed and popular among literary publishers as very attractive background music during book promotions.

The audience was delighted by the performance of "Jazzy Blef" on the International Chansonfest 99 which took place in Concert Hall "Vatroslav Lisinski" in Zagreb with the song written by Frančić "Stare pjesme" /"Old songs"/.

"Blef" in Croatian language means "Bluff".